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Shipping questions
Until when can I order so that my order can be shipped today?

All orders received by 6:00 PM will be shipped on the same day. Within Germany, your shipment will be delivered by TNT/UPS on the next business day. Saturday delivery within Germany is possible for an additional fee. Please select the "TNT Saturday Delivery" shipping option on the order completion page.

All orders received by 5:30 PM will be shipped on the same day. Within the EU, delivery takes 1-2 business days. You can find detailed information about shipping times to your delivery address in the overview of your customer account or on the order completion page. Saturday delivery is not possible.

For more information, please refer to our Delivery Information.

All orders received by 2:30 PM will be shipped on the same day. Within the EU, delivery takes 1-5 business days. Saturday delivery is not possible.

For more information, please refer to our delivery information.

Where is my shipment?
Once you have placed an order through the shop and the package has been shipped, you can view the corresponding tracking number in your customer account under the details of your order. TNT and FedEx shipments can be tracked directly by clicking on "Track Shipment". Additionally, you will receive the link to the package tracking in the email of your invoice.
From what order amount can I order carriage paid?
From a net order value of 250, - € we deliver free of shipping costs within Germany (excluding TNT Saturday delivery) .

For more information on free international shipping, please see our delivery information .
What do I do in case of transport damage?

Your goods will be packed by us in the best possible way. If you nevertheless find damage that can be traced back to the transport, we will be happy to help you. In order to ensure the fastest possible processing of the transport damage, please send us appropriate photos to Mrs. Valentina Dik using the checklist below. Please be sure to include your invoice number. Ms. Dik will then contact you to clarify the transport damage.

The following photos are required by the transport service provider for photo documentation:

  • A photo showing the damaged item and its packaging in the box
  • A photo of the damaged item
  • A photo of the packaging material used
  • A close-up of the shipping label with the control number (usually starts with 1Z)
  • A close-up of the carton manufacturer's certificate (round stamp on the outside of the carton)
  • Two photos showing all six sides of the package (one showing the top and two sides, the other showing the bottom and opposite sides)
  • The dimensions of the box, including height, length width of the package, are also needed
Which shipping service provider do you use?
In Germany, you have the choice between TNT and UPS. For international deliveries, you have FedEx, UPS, and GLS available.
Questions about the order
How do I receive my invoices?
You will receive your original invoicees by e-mail on working days during the evening. In addition, you have the option to retrieve the invoices in your customer account on To do so, simply open the corresponding order in your customer account order overview, click on "View" and then on "Download invoice".
When do I receive the goods I have ordered that were not in stock at the time of the order (backorder orders)?
Every Wednesday you will receive an e-mail with your items that are in arrears. The articles will be sent to you as soon as possible after receipt of the goods. If you find that you no longer need one or more items from your backlog, we ask you to reply to the corresponding e-mail and to inform us which items should be removed from the order with a credit note.
When will my desired article be available again?
In some cases it is unfortunately not possible to determine the exact delivery time. All items are shown with an average delivery time of 10-14 days. In many cases the articles are available again sooner. In urgent cases, you have the opportunity to request more detailed information from purchasing. To do this, please send us an email to .
Can I change or cancel my order at short notice?
A subsequent change of an order is unfortunately not possible for technical and logistical reasons.
What can I do if I received the wrong product or an item is missing?
Oops, a mistake must have crept in! Please contact our Service Hotline Tel: +49 2941 256050 or your contact person so that we can help you quickly.
How long is the warranty period for the items purchased?
The warranty period is 12 months from delivery. For more information on this subject, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions .
Questions about returns
How does the processing of a return work? How can I claim my articles?
We place a very high value on the quality of our spare parts, nevertheless it can unfortunately sometimes happen that an item is faulty. You can return this item with our return form . Simply fill out the return slip comfortably on your PC, print it out and enclose it with the article in the package. Send the package to us with your preferred shipping service provider.

We will refund you a shipping fee of 4,12€ net in case of a credit note, provided that no further articles from the return have to be sent back to you.

For justifiably claimed items you will receive replacement goods or a credit bill, depending on what you have indicated on the return form.

You can find all further information on our return form .
How long does it take to process my return?
We need a maximum of five working days after receipt of the return to process a returned shipment. If you have any questions about a returned shipment, please contact us directly by email or phone +49 2941 2560560 .
How will my credit be paid out?
Your credit bill will be paid out to the bank account you entered on the return bill. otara does not offset credit notes against open invoices.
Under what conditions can unneeded or incorrectly ordered goods be returned?

A goodwill return of new goods is only possible under the following conditions:

  • Item must be in unopened as well as unlabeled original packaging.
  • Article may be a maximum of 30 days old (date of sale to the date of sending)
  • Article has a value of goods of at least 25€ net (unit price of the article)
  • There is a handling fee of 5€ net per item
  • otara is entitled to exclude an item from return if necessary
  • Seal on/on the packaging (if present) must be intact
Questions about articles
What is the difference in quality levels?
100% of all components original and new.
The display units were already assembled in the factory and show no signs of use other than adhesive residue.

Original quality
99.9% of all components are original and new.
The display units are assembled from the same components from the manufacturer. There can only be deviations in the case of components such as screws or covers / sheets.

Ori / pulled quality
Due to limited availability, mixed goods of the qualities original quality and pulled.

Refurbished (or OC for original content)
Except for the glass / digitizer and frame, 100% of all components are original.
These are used displays that have been refurbished with a new glass / digitizer and frame. Outwardly like new and few to no signs of wear.

Only available as refurbished quality up to iP8.
With these display units, small parts such as earpiece, front camera / flex, heat shield are directly pre-assembled. The small parts can be used / refurbished or high copy.

OEM / Copy
Display units from third-party providers based on the original.
In this area we basically only offer the highest possible standard high copy / AAA + OEM / copy displays.
Questions about the account
How can I register with you?
First click on the icon at the top right of our page and then register. Provide all important information - mandatory fields marked with * - to activate your customer account. You will receive an email about the activation, usually within an hour.
Where can I find my customer number and my contact person?
The relevant data can be found in the overview of your Customer accounts .
I have forgotten my login! What can I do?
If you have forgotten your password, click forgot your password in the login area. Please then enter the email address by which you registered your user account. We will then send you a link to change the password.

If you have forgotten your email address or sending the password does not work, please contact us directly.
How do I proceed if the company name, e-mail or contact person changes? How do I change the company name?
If you wish to change the user data (e-mail, company name, contact person) or change the company name, please send us an e-mail to
How can I give feedback (e.g. on the products or the store)?
The quality of our spare parts as well as the personal contact with you and your general satisfaction are our top priority. We are happy if you want to give us feedback. Be it positive or negative, this is the only way we can continuously improve and provide you with the best quality. Feel free to share your feedback with us by sending an email to or call +49 2941 256050. We will thank you.

Do you have a question that could not be answered?
Write us a mail or call us at +49 2941 25605 0 .
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